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Zetland 1.0

My first frame, built under supervision at The Bicycle Academy in Froome over 5 days. It's everything I want in an all day all-road and gravel bike for when speed isnt the aim. Columbus Zona, with Deda fatbike chainstays, a beautiful durable powdercoat, friction shifting and canti breaks. 


Rocky (Director's Cut)

My rockhopper needed a revamp after a few years of hard use, so it went in for a sandblast and clear powdercoat and finished off with some replica decals from a different model beause they POP. 


Disco Hardrock

An homage to my happiest memory on a bike: Cruising the woods north of Stockholm on a coaster brake shopping bike. No concession to performance, with a rubber ducky to remind you to keep it fun. I did also spend ten hours hand polishing the cranks too for some reason.


Trek Mt Track XC

An all day gravel cruiser in a handsome shade of red. 1x drivetrain, with uprated tyres, brakes, bars, grips and saddle. I painted the brake levers too, to match the chainring bolts.


Muddy Fox Pathfinder

Another parts bin build, but with a 2x singlespeed drivetrain where the gear ratio could be switched by turning the barrel adjuster on the rear derailler, repurposed as a chain tensioner.


Cube Gravel Amateur

My faithful old CX bike, a Cube Cross Race Pro, reimagined as a speedy gravel option. I am not cross and I no longer race so a change of name was needed, along with the most complex paint I ever did (red/blue 3D anaglyph), new wheels and some more modern bars.



A vintage tandem from the early 80's for my partner and I, given a new set of wheels, bars, a third brake, gearing, and cruised around country lanes, gravel tracks and toured around the highlands too.


The Elephant bike

Kat's husband asked me to make her old Elephant bike, originally the old Pashley Post Office bikes, a little more deluxe. Bars, cranks, grips, panniers, pedals, and a beautiful saddle.



The first iteration of my own 26" MTB. I wanted a bikepacking rig, so I made one from an '88 Rockhopper. It's changed a lot since this version, but I will always have a giant soft spot for this build.


Raleigh Mustang

A tasty fade on a giant frame with a slighty mad bottom bracket that ended up going to a blacksmith in deepest Somerset.


Grandpas Tracklocross

The first frame I painted, badly. Originally a run of the mill cheap hybrid from my Grandpa's garage, now a neon tracklocross with tonnes of clearance and a monstrous wheelbase for silly rides to this day.


My Stooge

The last time I had a 'proper' MTB I was 15. Now I'm 30, and I built this Stooge MK4 frameset up with 29" wheels, 1x 9 drivetrain, mechanical discs and a thumbshifter, plus some wonderful one-off bars made by The Vandal Metalworks up in Glasgow.


Rocky IV

Is there any point in riding a beautiful Rockhopper if your partner cant ride alongside you on a slightly better, slightly cooler one? I thought not, so I made this one for my partner.


Rocky III

I wanted to try and make an audax bike from a Rockhopper, so this one had beautiful Nitto bars and bar end end shifters to compliment the fat WTB thickslicks for mile after mile of comfort on any kind of tarmac.


Muddy Fox COurier

An absolute parts bin monstrosity I threw together as cheaply as possible for my little brother to get about on in London, free from the worries of bike theft. One gear, so less to go wring if it was left in the rain for weeks too. i miss this one big time.


Rocky II

Another tall frame, done up with a similar colour scheme to Rocky I but with a more glamorous logos and the best stem I ever painted. Swoopy bars and cruisy wheels for relaxed around town duties.


Johnny's Merlin

All black everything was the brief, but the beautiful lugs and Merlin logo were glossed up with some gold flake to contast the matte tubes on this steel CX.


Sun SOlo

Just a fresh paint and rebuild, but with lots of tiny triangles that drove me bananas. Matchy bar tape to really drive me over the edge!


Delilah's first bike

My partner's Neice needed a first bike, so I made a stock option a little nicer by covering it in little Octopuses.


Haro Vector

This one had a daft headset, but I loved the frame shape. Mid-width slicks and some jazzed up gripshift shifters for zooming through traffic. I also engraved the stem and 3D printed a storage canister for inside the headtube.


Curry's Elizabethan

The only bike that I've done that's vintage enough to have some difficult non-standard parts. Respendant in red, gold, and black and originally made by Curry's (the electrical retailer now). Keep an eye for it chained up outside Elevator Sound in Bristol.


Townsend Beer-Getter

A barely cobbled together bike that i got for 30 quid, slapped a rack on, replaced some spokes and rode to get a crate of beers, sat my partner on the front for a ride and then sold. Boy was it fun and shite all at once.

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