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The Frameworks

Custom bikes for fun and function

Custom made to your exact needs from high-end steel.


Throwing a leg over a bike that is made for you, for the sort of riding you do, is a wonderful feeling; I liken it to getting into your favourite chair compared to that one in the office that you hate.

Custom geometry, tubing choices, and finishing touches can all tweak the way the bike feels, but I can guide you through all of this and help crystalise your dream bike into reality.


This bit is relatively simple - if you have an idea for a bike and you want me to help make it a reality then just drop me a message and we can take it from there. It can be as simple as just a frame or frameset, through to a full build with a custom wheelset to match.

For now my books are closed while I get a couple of frames done. I have a full time job and so I keep a very small build queue to avoid delays.



My aim is to make a bike that will put a smile on your face every time you push off and turn the pedals, or catch a glance at it through the shed window. 

Whether it's neo-retro build, a fixed gear daily driver, or even a modern take on the 26" MTB, joy behind the bars is the priority.

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