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1999 Haro vector

A Love letter to purple anodisation.

This one was a joy to work on, and allowed for a few unique details. The paint I based on my own Rockhopper, but with a purple twist. The original Vector logos weren't to my liking, so I used the logos from the Haro BMX bars of the same name. Much nicer typeface.

I wanted to build it up as an urban racer. Something to put a smile on your face as you fly down back alleys, or catch a draft behind a bus. 26" wheels are such a joy in urban environments. Strong, flickable, and with 1.5" slicks they're no slouch either. Hop off curbs at warp speed no problem.

Pedals and chainring have been painted to match the cables and other shiny bits, while the gripshift system has been given a deluxe makeover with some Newbaums milled cotton tape for extra comfort.

The stem face plate has been engraved, and the stem itself can be flipped for a less aggressive position as you can see in the 'before' photo. The headset doesn't need a stem cap in order to compress the bearings, so the steerer tube bung has been replaced with a one of a kind storage locker for keys, sweets, catnip or whatever else takes your fancy.

Weave between cat-eyes while racing a taxi with a big fat grin on your face!

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