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Brandon's Sun Solo

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Tiny vinyl triangles still haunt my dreams!

This was something of a bike of two halves. It's rare that I change nothing at all in terms of the build, but this was kept all original, besides new cables, cotter pins (as the old ones didn't survive being removed by my rock hammer!) and shellacked cotton bar tape.

Prior to paint I filled in and sanded smooth a dent in the headtube. Nothing structurally wrong with it, but it didnt look great. Now you'd not notice it at all.

A simple build, but a pretty in depth paint job. The logos I recreated as vinyl masks to emulate the lovely hand drawn look of older models of the bike, while oooweiyew provided the colour transition masks. Weeding vinyl is not a game for the impatient, but it was worth the evenings going cross eyed trying to get everything lined up.

If you look through the 'before' photos you'd not believe its the same bike. You can achieve a lot with time, degreaser and sandpaper. All in all a super rad pub bike I reckon.

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