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Disco Hardrock

Don't ask me why it has a glitter ball and a rubber duck. Ask why your bike doesn't.

I've wanted to do a coaster brake bike for the longest time. To me they represent the absolute distillation of 'bikes as toys'. No gears to worry about, no brakes or cables. Just pedal forward to go, pedal backward to skids. They're the sort of bikes that make you want to build a ramp out of some old bit of wood and jump over your mate after school on a summer everning.

Other than the frame only the seatclamp has been carried over from the original bike. New headset and bottom bracket keep this klunker running smooth, with some NOS bullmoose bars and clear Oury grips to round of a wonderfully bechromed front end.

The saddle is a vintage Rolls. Lovely shape, lightly padded for rough roads, with shiny bits for the inner magpie. The rear wheel is a custom build. While it's nothing flash, I built it with sturdy Sapim spokes connecting an unbranded, unfussy coaster hub to an unbranded, unfussy 26" rim. The red nipples near the valve are just a bit of pointless eye candy. Front and rear are shod with deliberately chunky tyres. Once the rear is skidded down to the canvas you can swap them round and go again.

Lastly there is the disco duck. This is a silly bike for doing silly things on. It's unlikely to be used for great distances or high speeds. They make me happy, and that's what this bike is all about.

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