Rocky IV

I'm still not over Charlotte having a cooler bike than me...

Riding through Scotland with Charlotte on the tandem was magical. Hard work, but magical. However, I wanted a bike she could play on independently if she wanted to. Something to open up a few new bikepacking possibilities for us both. I just needed to wait for the right bike to come along...

Enter Rocky IV, a '93 Rockhopper Expert in a gorgeous purple fade. It was about 10 mins down the road from her parents house, and essentially in museum condition. I reckon it had done a few hundred miles max since it was new. Everything was immaculate, but that doesnt mean it couldn't be improved upon.

New tyres, Schwalbe Rapid Robs, provide a good amount of grip off road without being sluggish on tarmac. Nukeproof pedals to keep the feet planted and a matching Ritchey grips and chainstay protection to add a bit of pop.

A headset converter allowed a much shorter and much more jazzy 30mm stem to be fitted, with a painted spacer beneath to hide the usually ugly gap that comes with these adapters. Some gold riser bars sorted the fit out too, as shown in later pics in the gallery. The silver ones were just a smidge too low.

The brakes are the originals, upgraded with some matching Kool-Stop pads and repainted levers to match the painted thumbies. Finally a new saddle, to keep the tush happy over rough ground.

Latterly I added a small front rack, the same as on my Rockhopper, and a Carradice Nelson Longflap for capacious snack capacity and room to carry stuff for little overnighters.

It's a beautiful bike, and I think the nicest I've made so far, but that may be because of how much being able to ride together means to me.