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Classic frames, reimagined

While the frameworks takes up the majority of my Zetland time, bringing new life into old bikes is where it all began for me and it still holds a special place in my heart, particularly 26" MTB builds

Off the top of my head I'm not totally sure how many I've done now, but it's in the 20s I think, each with it's own charm, challanges, and quirks.

You'd be surprised how well an upgraded bike from the 80's can perform, even against modern bikes. Sure, they might not be able to mix it with mountain bikes, but they represent a brilliant, sustainable, and capable alternative to modern gravel and commuting bikes.


Most of my restoration jobs I do because I've found an interesting frame and have an idea for it, so the best thing is to keep an eye on my instagram and something for you may just pop up.

If you're impatient then drop me a message and we can discuss either building something with a frameset I already have in stock, or finding something to suit your needs and building it up from there.


The Ethos

As you can see by this Hardrock with a disco ball and a rubber ducky in place of a bottle cage these arent pure performance machines, though I've I regularly use my own '88 Rockhopper as my gravel bike for all day riding.

Fun first, whatever that means to you. For some it's how the bike rides, for others its how it looks. This coaster brake Hardrock was a homage to my happiest memory on a bike, bombing through the woods in Sweden on a coaster brake shopping bike in the sun.

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