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Writing & Photography

Thanks to a lifetime riding bikes and gear from all parts of the extended cycling universe I've been able to use my experience to write and shoot a wide range of articles.


Gear reviews, event coverage, how-to guides, and a few stories too. Take a look.

Event coverage

Hill Climb Nats-079.jpg

Perhaps the wettest hill climb nationals in living memory. A wonderful, bleak day out in the Peak District. Coverage for Cyclist.

Coverage of the UK's handmade bicycle show.

A mega gallery and run down of some truly beautiful bikes for BikeRadar.

Bespoked 2021 (10).jpg

Gear Reviews


A very fast and grippy multi-surface option slightly let down by its performance in muddy conditions. Review for

To my mind the best bang for your buck mud tyre for your cross or gravel bike! Review for


Quite a mouthful, but a very capable and well priced tent designed for bike touring nonetheless. Review for

Beautiful pedals that will outlive us all, but not the most grippy when the conditions are even slightly damp. Review for


The most fun tyre I've ever ridden.

An excellent all-road option. Review for

Hardwearing and comfortable bag that is never quite the right size for the job. Review for


How To Guides

How_To_Jet_Wash (10).jpg

A guide for BikeRadar on how to avoid damaging your bike using a pressure washer.

A run-through for of a budget bag support for running carradice style bags on your bars if you have limited tyre clearence


everything else

A very honest and open trip report for of an attemt to tackle the North Coast 500 on a 40 year old tandem.  


Together with 'Are gravel bikes just 80's MTBs?' below, the second of a two part dive for thanks to the proliferation of old MTB builds popping up all over the place.

My take on this perrenial debate for that springs up in every comments section of every new gravel bike release. As ever, it's never going to be a binary yes/no answer.

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